Airi to Akari System


Vendredi 23 Août


Paradoxe | Alternative Stage

Psytechno, Techno

Label : Zenon / Alpaka

From : Japon

Airi is Felix A., a half Swiss/Japanese producer, currently residing in Tokyo, Japan. Having worked with electronic music since 2004, he has found a real passion in his expression through psychedelic music. He has had a musical education and has been a violinist since his childhood, as which he also used to play in an orchestra. Over the years he has developed his very own remarkable style of music, characterized by expressive sound design, massive basses and thoughtful atmospheres. Having rocked countless dance floors in more than 20 countries, he never ceases to surprise his public with his powerful and intelligent signature sound. He played in some big international festivals including Universo Paralello 2019 (Brazil), Hadra Festival 2018 (France), Modem Festival 2016 (Croatia), Dragon Dreaming Festival 2018 (Australia), One Love Festival 2019 (Switzerland), Hive Festival 2023 (Germany), Ozora Festival 2023 (Hungary). In 2016 he signed on the internationally acclaimed label ‘Zenon Records’. Watch out for this artist since he will keep innovating the genre for years to come!

AKARI SYSTEM, also known as AKASYS, is a collaborative techno project created by RINKADINK and AIRI. Based in Japan and producing together since 2020, RINKADINK is Werner van Jaarsveld, a producer and DJ born from South Africa. Having started DJing in his early teens, he moved to London in 2000. With his advanced technical skills and unique sound, he has released numerous tracks, performed as a headliner at many festivals and clubs and has been active in psychedelic trance for the past 20 years. AIRI is Felix Ando, born in Switzerland from a Swiss father and a Japanese mother. As a child he was educated as a violinist in Germany. He has been active as an electronic musician since 2004 and has played in many festivals with his enveloping sound that features a warm soundscape, thick bass, and smart composition. Please look forward to the psytech that they weave.

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