Alchemy Circle


Dimanche 25 Août


La Main | Main Stage

Dark-prog, Psygressive

Label : Intermind Records

From : Brésil

Alchemy Circle is the name given to the musical production project idealized by Ciro Mendes and Caio Wandalsen, based in Brazil. Even before the duo premiered in 2014, they have been experimenting and developing a sound style based on daily life influences alongside their artistic and musical experiences. They are known for possessing a very specific and unique sonic identity, a sound style that aims for technical complexity while diving deep into researching and evolving their musical production knowledge. All of that brings the audience a singular and extraordinary experience on the dance floor. Caio and Ciro constantly reinvent themselves artistically, always renewing their track catalog without ever abandoning the substances that define them: innovation, experimentation and the esteem for quality.

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