Dimanche 25 Août


Le Cocon | Live & Experimental Stage

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Label : Hadra Altervision Record

From : France

Bendja distills music enriched by influences from all corners of the globe. A true one-man-band performance, his act relies on a well-oiled mechanism of looping and improvisation. At the crossroads of blues, trance rhythms, and world music, his style also deeply draws from groove and electronica.

Convinced that the best sounds come from old wood, he mixes electric tones with the natural vibrations of acoustic instruments. Embark on a Pangean odyssey, an abrasive revival of the ’70s, a modern psychedelic flow that blazes the road.

Having made his first steps on the French and German psytrance scenes with a live Natural Trance act, supported by labels like 4Drops Records and Sunna Records, he joined the iconic AlterVision Records label in 2021 under the guidance of Hadra artists. Today, he advocates for an alternative vision of psychedelic music through an instrumental live performance.

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