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Jeudi 22 Août


Le Cocon | Live & Experimental Stage

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Label : Indépendante

From : France

The chichiga (шиши́га) is a creature similar to the goblin. It is described as a small, hunchbacked female being, living in reeds, small streams and ponds. At dusk, she would wander around naked and with her hair undone, harassing passers-by, and drunks.
Fascinated by the hypnotic beats of reggaeton, Chichiga’s universe is a reflection of her character: an emotional lift. Her musical choices oscillate randomly between floral sounds, industrial brutality and autotuned spectres.
Chichiga took her first steps as a producer with DALF Records. In her tracks, she recounts her life, her joys and her sorrows, with melancholy pads and passionate kicks. A spell cast in the air, a white magic that can only be heard in a vacuum. A resonant echo, set against a reggaeton backdrop, reminding us that love is universal.
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