Samedi 24 Août


Paradoxe | Alternative Stage

Tribe Psychédélique

Label : Cult.Collective / SHZ Records

From : France

Chôkô, 29, is a passionate musician who began his musical journey at the age of 15, exploring the sounds of metal and blues. What made a deep impression on him at that time were the haunting melodic lines of metal music, an influence that would last throughout his musical career.
However, it was at the age of 21 that his passion took a decisive turn when he immersed himself in underground music, more specifically in the ‘tribe’ style.
Fascinated by the mix of new rhythms and soundscapes, he gave birth to his musical project ‘ChôKô’, characterised by groovy rhythms and a fast BPM, all enhanced by a personal melodic touch.
During this period, he drew inspiration from the likes of Acid Division, Infrakontrol, Sevenum Six and Enko, all of whom helped shape his unique style.
Over the years, Vinaika (aka Chôkô) has broadened his musical horizons by delving into psychedelic music, particularly psytrance, psy techno and zenonesque. Today, what defines ChôKô is the fusion of tribal and modern psychedelic styles.
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