Vendredi 23 Août


Le Cocon | Live & Experimental Stage

Live Instruments, Psy

Label : Hadra Altervision Records

From : Montpellier | France

Universe has been stretched in space every moment. In this intense world Cosmyte explores your cells and restores the feeling of large spaces. From the centre of the Earth to the particles of the cosmos, Cosmyte affects the body from bustle to caress, and stimulates spiritual humanity.

Led by Pr. Galacticus (machinery) and Captn. Friktus (handpans, multi-instruments), the atypical crew creates its own galaxy in constant evolution. The company of the talented Divx (voice) and Bichinia (flutes) shapes their journey in the cosmos. During travels around Europe, Russia, India, China and Latin America, they met number of artists/travellers that they bring on stage creating a unique experience to each appearance. A journey between organic human vibrations, cosmic instruments and mechanical oscillations of the machines, Cosmyte is a real musical android.

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