DJ set

Vendredi 23 Août


Paradoxe | Alternative Stage

Psytechno, Techno

Label : Okami Crew / Atomix Sound System

From : France

An artist, but above all a human being.
Rocked by jazz, percussionist and bassist from an early age, it was at free parties that this travel enthusiast discovered electronic music.
It was during a trip to Canada in 2012 that he discovered the colourful world of trance.
On the road ever since, he started mixing in 2013. After several years of mixing, he began to perform at free parties, notably at the Teknival du 1er Mai in Salbri in 2017. Going from festival to festival across the world, it was quite naturally that doors opened to him, allowing him to become an artist.
In 2018 he had the opportunity to play at the Harmonic Festival.
In 2019, he moved to Mayotte and met the Atomix Sound System collective. He worked on his technique and his playlists, blossomed at the turntables and became a set designer. He created the Show and set the dancefloor alight at events on the island.
Since then he’s performed in France and abroad, at the Kariboom Festival (Mayotte), the Okami Festival (France), the Isis Garden Festival (France), the Origin of Entropy Festival (Australia), alongside such greats as Electrypnose, Grouch, Ryanosaurus, Luis M, Crystal Distortion, Ixindamix, Elisa do Brasil and many more.
Inspired by trance and techno, he finds refuge in deep bass ‘psygressive’ and ‘dark prog’. This skilful blend of techno, prog and psy led him to specialise in ‘psytech’.
It’s hard to resist the urge to dance when Da’jazz is on the decks.
Working on different sound atmospheres, always determined to get the dancefloor grooving, he’ll take you on a journey throughout his sets.

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