DJ set

Samedi 24 Août


Paradoxe | Alternative Stage

Psytechno, Techno

From : Champagnier | France

She’s been soothed in music since she was a child, and in recent years especially in electronic music, so it was only logical that she turned to mixing in 2020.
She’s more into melodic techno with a melancholy bent, but it’s also powerful, danceable and, above all, hair-raising. “Transcendent techno” is what we’ve heard.
Between darkness and gentleness, never forgetting harmony and melody against a backdrop of raw BPM, she’ll take you on a lovely journey where light and darkness meet.
Each of her sets is a story she wants to tell, her own story that represents her.
Since 2021, she has been able to do her first streaming and numerous stages (Hadra Trance Festival 2023, main stage / Sound Factory Lyon / La Barrack Brew Pub Valence / Le Drak’art Grenoble / Valmeinier Sport 1800 / L’Ampérage Grenoble / Mast’Rock Valloire …)
Some of her artists : Julian Jeweil, Ann Clue, Julian Wassermann, Irène Dresel, Solee, Patrice Baumel, Victor Ruiz, D-Nox, Township Rebellion, MVMB, FJAAK, Joyhauser, UMEK, Hidden Empire…
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