Dimanche 25 Août


Le Cocon | Live & Experimental Stage

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Label : Urban Cosmonaut Agency

From : Chili

Born and raised in the Southwestern Andes, multi-instrumentalist and producer Derrok explores mountain soundscapes, aiming to preserve the essence of his beloved homeland and Chilean nature through music.

His Live Act performance has a unique style, playing electric guitar, flutes and more live instruments, blending them into his own electronic elements and loops at the same moment. Derrok has performed his Live Act in festivals like Fusion, Ozora, Womad, Mutek and Fauna Primavera, and has been on the road at many festivals and venues across Latin America and Europe. He also has made a residence and Scorpios Mykonos in the summer of 2023.
Additionally, he is the founder of ‘Quinto Fuego’, a cultural collective and record label based in Pucón, Chile, since 2019, which was created to bring the downtempo/organic scene to the region and support emerging local artists.

An active member of the rapidly evolving South American electronic scene, Derrok is constantly experimenting, creating, and working around organic electronic music and supporting new producers and live act performers.

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