DJ Sydney

DJ set

Dimanche 25 Août


La Main | Main Stage


From : France

Dj Sydney drive us to trance with cosmic energy & tribal tones whose she has the secret. She develops her talents and passions on psy-trance & groovy psychedelic mixes and also suggests completing her performance by psyprog or chill Mix. Ideal for twilight or night set, she reserves us a sound alchemy brimming of energy ! Let you embark for a musical journey which invites to the dancefloor !

Sidney has always been immersed in events and music, until she was 8 she lived above the cultural center of Bourgoin Jallieu where she practiced choir, solfege and piano a few years. Then around his 10 years her father converted into the event with the clubs the prestige and the buckigman in Bourgoin where she spent days playing on the sound systems to pass compiles… It is in 1992 during the Futuria, Hexagona parties in Albertville on her dad’s company : L’Actuel, that Sydney discovers the very rhythmical tribal musics and also meets famous artists and organizers such as Transmission, Futuria production, Dj’s James Monroe (Flying Rhino), Lestat (Krembo), Mike (Juno Reactor), Laurent Garnier, Carl Cox, Loic, Manu le malin… . During these years she participates in the realization of electronic party, while learning vynil mix, rhythmic box.. as occasional leisure. Then she let her dad’s company to work on free party with friend’s group as HBPM Montaz Family collectiv on techno party… In 1999, living 6 months in London, Sydney discover trance party as Pendragon, Astral Phenix, residences in Fridge, or other London trance nights ; music & concept revealing to her a new passion! In her return in France, she organizes trance party and decided to realize her artist’s dream, she started cd’s mix in 2003 during one Timegate party in Swiss! She becomes DJ Trinity with chill out mix, and keeps on full-on sets in 2004, then psytrance in 2006 ; with teams from South of France as Body and Mind & Dragon Hunters. In 2008 she turns of a more psychedelic style under dj name “Sydney”. In 2011-2012 she join Psytraveller and the collectives Oréades Prod. from Paris and created rythmes actuels collectiv from Rhône-Alpes, with a varying style between psytrance, groovy psychedelic & chill !  Sydney has played for the most underground organizations like Cosmic love, Omni, Dragon Hunters, Nunshaker, Body & Mind, Bamboodelik, Psy Spirit, Imagine, Arboréalis…, til the most “commercial” like Gaia Concept, TBE, Hadra, Oréades… ! Asserting her personality by accumulating Dj set on many differents horizons, Sydney develops her talents and passions on very rhythmical mixes!  Let you embark for a musical journey which invites to the dance floor! She also suggests you completing her performance by down tempo chill mixes ! Ideal for twilight or night set, she reserves us a sound alchemy brimming of energy !

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