Eat Static


Samedi 24 Août


La Main | Main Stage

Full-on, Modular Synth

Label : Nano Bookings

From : Royaume-Uni

Eat Static was formed in 1989 by Merv Pepler and Joie Hinton as a creative outlet for the diverse range of electronic music that the pair were writing. Always primarily intended as a live band, Eat Static can legitimately claim to be one of the UK’s first live techno outfits. Eat Static quickly developed a spectacular live show that included a huge light-show and a giant illuminated brain. A loyal following quickly formed, with the crowds realising that dance could be performed live at a time when ‘live’ performances by other bands were often mimed PA’s. Since that time Eat Static have played hundreds of gigs headlining festivals and shows around the world.

Eat Static has released numerous albums and recently done collaborations as Sytem Static (with System 7) , Shpongle Static ( With Simon Posford) and Strontium Dogs (with Martian Arts).
When not on the road Merv can be found in the studio where in the past 4 years he has taken a deep dive into the new frontier of modular synthesis and continues to add to his collection. There are no presets and no off the shelf samples that you have heard in other tracks. This speaks to Merv’s dedication that none of this music shall be predictable or following any commercial trends.
This year celebrates 35 years of Eat Static.

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