Elements of Baraka


Vendredi 23 Août


La Main | Main Stage

Gnawa Trance

Label : Hadra AlterVision Records

From : Grenoble - Montpellier | France

The meeting of two musical cultures, of two worlds, one electronic and one traditional, this is the story told by the collaboration of artists Adil Sm3li and Lakay. Gathered for the 20th anniversary of the association Hadra from Grenoble, the idea of this creation was born to pay tribute to the Moroccan roots of the association. Hadra», the «presence» (in Moroccan dialect) or the «Sufi ritual» of the same name, calls for a spiritual quest, letting go and trance. These are also the values defended by the association since its beginnings, working for the promotion and the recognition of the electronic and psychedelic culture, like the psytrances musics.

Influenced by their various professional and musical experiences, this union calls for dancing and meeting. Punctuated by gnawa singing, guembri and percussion rhythms, samples and digital repetitive loops (recorded during the trip to Morocco), this fusion of styles brings souls together for a unique performance.

Accompanied by a scenographic and video universe reminiscent of Moroccan landscapes and traditional Gnawa rituals, the artists Lakay and Adil come together for a spellbinding, original musical project.

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