DJ set

Jeudi 24 Août


La Main | Main Stage

Full-on, Psychedelic

Label : Hadra Records

From : Grenoble | France

Groove, psychedelism, dancefloor… That’s how you could define the various influences that make up the mix style adored by G-Alien, a new artist signed to Hadra Records and member of the psytechno duo ANIMALZ DIALOG.
After living in London and discovering the English psychedelic wave there, festivals and parties of all kinds followed one another and added to his experience. A resolute DJ at heart for over 15 years, G-Alien has moved from one electronic style to another, from drum’n’bass to trance, passing through a number of genres over the years, before returning to one of his favourite styles six years ago: psytrance with its full-on notes and energetic, psychedelic groove… Composing and producing have recently become an integral part of his life, and the learning process is progressing little by little, adding to the baggage he needs to fulfil his musical ambitions and serve his second project just as well.
A tireless activist and founding member of his association Euphonik Bazar (EB), G-Alien joined the prestigious french label Hadra Records in 2018: evolution is underway and the dogs are let loose!
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