Good Old Raoul


Vendredi 23 Août


Paradoxe | Alternative Stage

Dark-prog, Psytechno

Label : Techgnosis Records / ChronoZone Records / FreePsy Records

From : France

Good Old Raoul is a self-taught electronic music artist and producer. Evolving for about a decade, he draws inspiration from hip-hop, discovered techno through free parties, and trance during his travels. His musical development was shaped through exchanges and learning alongside Version Bizar, Breakoacoustique, and Eco Jafar, with whom he shared experiences and techniques. Enriched by these collaborations, Good Old Raoul had the opportunity to perform on stage alongside renowned names such as Electrypnose, Kliment, and Golanski. In 2022, he joined the label Chronozone, which has been supporting him in his releases and shows ever since. In 2023, Ben Rama trusted him. Good Old Raoul released a track on the Canadian label Techgnosis and became part of it.

His music is a unique fusion of trance and techno, combining offbeat minimalism with psychedelic sounds. Good Old Raoul is a major figure in the psychedelic scene, with many artist friends. His music embodies the meeting of nature and technology, wisdom and madness, dance and introspection.

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