High Budub Sound


Dimanche 25 août 2024

9h00 & 17h00

Paradoxe | Alternative Stage

Dub, Psy Dub, Roots

From : France

High Budub Sound is an artisanal sound system based in Lyon that has established itself as a major player since 2016.
The collective is made up of 4 friends who are united and committed in their selection of tracks, which give off a positive energy during their sessions. Their music, which ranges from the foundations of reggae to alternative music, is enriched by the productions of the crew’s three dub makers as well as their many exclusive dubplates.
The members of the collective are all passionate and creative artists, helping to create an original and unique universe. Thanks to their innovative approach to music, High Budub Sound is renowned for creating a distinctive atmosphere at every event, representing a genuine state of mind and an infectious passion for music.
The collective will be represented by 𝗠𝗮𝗴𝗗, one of the producers and founder of the crew, who will be on hand to unveil his in-house productions & selection, ranging from the foundations of reggae music to the most cutting-edge dub techno.

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