Jamma Boom & Sandrielle


Samedi 24 Août


La Bulle | Chill-out Stage

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Label : Jamma Boom

From : France

The magic of life brings these two souls together in joy, and when they play together, the bowls, the gongs, the crystal harp and the electronic nappel resonate and create a unique sound picture with high & beneficial wavelengths.

Dimitri Gueskine a.k.a. Jamma Boom is a musical experimenter with a passion for travel and meditation. Dimitri comes from a family of musicians, has been making music since childhood, and has his roots in the Belgian underground scene of the early 2000s. He has a number of musical projects and albums to his credit, and now mainly offers concerts of meditative music, mystical and acoustic sound journeys. He also practises Sonotherapy, which he trains in with the NAAD school. Dim has had several musical lives before, in reggae-dub (under the name Jamma Dim) and before that in trip hop (with the group Le Clan d’Estinnes). After transcendental shamanic and meditative experiences that profoundly transformed him, Dim/Jamma Boom embraced sound as the royal road to the divine and decided to dedicate himself to sharing this through music and vibrations.

Sandrielle is a lover of life. After growing up at the rhythm of free parties, it was at the Solipse festival in Hungary in 1999 that she befriended the other founding members of Hadra, and together they decided to promote psychedelic culture in France and create the Hadra Festival. Over time her musical interest grew in the chill-out sound. She also had the immense pleasure of taking part in the composition of albums in MAO with Astral Wave in down tempo, for the Altar records label. Always amazed by festivals and trips to the 4 corners of the world, it was in Canada that she discovered the crystal harp, seduced by its angelic waves and crystal-clear vibrations of great purity. She soon realised that her new mission was to spread high-vibration sounds on earth that would liberate, purify and regenerate.

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