DJ set

Jeudi 22 Août


La Main | Main Stage


Label : Occulta Records / Gaggalacka

From : Pays-Bas

“It’s not just about picking the right track for the moment or delivering a flawless performance.
It’s also not just about booking the most suiting acts and designing a stunning party concept.
No.. In this case, it’s about a incomparably passioned person who is telling her own unique psychedelic story for almost ten years now…

Rooted in the Netherlands, Jorine shaped the intimate interrelatedness between her and the cruddy climes of dark psychedelic music in the sweet scene of Germany.
With a decent mixture of magic and madness, this tainted troublemaker is carefully challenging a wide variety of disciplines within the psychedelic cosmos: from delivering never-ending sets and organizing rumply raves to the accurate execution of stage and booking management.

Jorine sets space into a wide range of music:
from smooth, gnarly and bushy dark-progressive/techno tunes straightforward into the deepest forest and dark psy, this smooth selector always will find a humorous and innovative way to send you on the journey you always needed.
Feel warmly invited to let this versatile artist demonstrate her quirky quintessence of psychedelic art and culture!”

text written by Lukas Meijer

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