Le Cocon | Live & Experimental Stage


Label : Hadra AlterVision Records

From : France

Alexandre is known to fill with smiling faces the festivals’s chillfloor like Ozora, Freedom, Psy-fi, Hadra, Harmonic, South Nature, Udumbara, Karma Kusala, Stone Moon etc…
His bond with the public is hypnotic, intense and favorising interconnections.
Deeply inspire by nature, love, sharing and well-being, he evolves inside rythms and atmospheres of chill-out and downtempo culture.
Part of the duo OKALM, He is also producing under the name of GAÏA LEX.

To create some specific ambiance he is performing under the following Dj pseudonyms :
Kalifer (chillgressive)
SolEye (ambient / chill)
Deepnoz (world / ethnic / house )
∩∪ (ambient techno / mental techno)
LCEP (uptempo)

Multidimensional Alexandre mix some warm and transporting selections putting a lot of care to transition in between tracks.

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