Vendredi 23 Août


La Main | Main Stage


Label : Resina Records

From : Brésil

Karev is a psytrance musical project by Caio Wandalsen. Known for his sublime work as one of the members of Mad Goblins and Alchemy Circle, he now ventures into the realm of DarkPsy. The project began as a seed a long time ago, around 2011 when Caio began producing psytrance. In 2021 it finally took shape and brought to the world a musical reflection of the experiences and moments of inspiration that Caio lived throughout his many years as a musician travelling around many different dancefloors and studios around the world.

Experimentation, research, and a bit of freestyle spice are some of the conceptual ingredients that go along with the intense soundscapes and textures concocted by Karev’s unique dancefloor experience.

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