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Label : Zenon Records / DM7 Booking

From : Brésil

Klipsun is the artistic alter-ego of Lucas Bonatto, whose journey into electronic music began more than a decade ago. Since then, he has sought a unique and consolidated expression that is evident today in his creations. Klipsun has at the core of its meaning the Latin word, “ipsum”, which in the English translation we find the meaning of “himself”.. Thus, understanding art as a form of expression of human consciousness and emotions, his music is not conditioned by a certain formula, which could be found in all his compositions, but rather, simply letting the actions of his life, reflected in music.

With just 5 years of study, Klipsun, released his first release on the renowned Australian record label, Zenon Records. In 2015, Klipsun presented to the world a new aspect of Zenon Sound, an innovative sound design style linked to harmonies and cinematic storytelling and perfected by Lucas. His release entitled ‘Ambivalent Fields’ gained support from artists already established in the scene such as Sensient, Ace Ventura among others.

Over the years, Klipsun has worked with several important labels such as Iboga, Digital Structures, Zenon and others, keeping his productions focused on providing a new sensorial perspective, exploring different styles and genres of electronic music. This caught the attention of several major producers on the international scene, which led him to collect works and remixes for artists such as Perfect Stranger, Ace Ventura, Mr.Bill, Electrypnose, Sensient, Pspiralife and others.

In parallel to his artistic work, in 2019 he joined the casting of the renowned DM7 Group and in the same year, he began to pursue his role through his academic journey, creating specific content for music producers and becoming one of the main references in the creation and execution of training and education program for new talents from Zenon Education.

In 2022, Klipsun surprised the public with the birth of the CronoCops project in collaboration with Marco Element. This project deeply impacted the current generation of psy-trance lovers with the release of the debut album entitled “Who Built It?”, which was acclaimed as a true masterpiece of modern psy-trance, demonstrating the evolution and continuous innovation of its something.

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