Samedi 24 Août


Paradoxe | Alternative Stage

Dub, Psy

Label : Hadra AlterVision Records

From : Grenoble | France

Cyril Caillat, aka Lakay, French trumpeter and multi-instrumentalist, made his big leap into electronic music in the early 2000s. Listening to his projects, a first album ‘Enjoy People’ (Hadra Records) released in 2011 followed by ‘Metis’Sage Community’ released in 2015 (Hadra Records and Salamah Productions), it’s easy to see that we’re dealing with a man who loves travelling, whether physically or musically.
Introduced to the trumpet at the age of 5, Lakay trained at the Grenoble conservatoire, and moved from classical to jazz classes, from which he concocted a unique pigment that colours his musical identity in dabs. His many travels, from Thailand to Reunion Island, via Spain, have been punctuated by musical stopovers and jam sessions. There he discovered traditional Gypsy, African and Indian music, which enriched his palette. This blend of influences is harmonised by powerful electronic beats, from dub to psytrance, enhanced by the energy of drum’n’bass.
Movement – the movement of people around the world, the movement of the mind as it wanders, the movement of bodies as they dance – is the raw material of Lakay’s work.
In short, Lakay is an artist who delves into the minds and cultures of the world to awaken the energy of his listeners.
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