Makoto San


Jeudi 22 Août


Paradoxe | Alternative Stage

Global Club, World Music

Label : Wart

From : Marseille | France

A surprising bamboo instrumentarium, Asian percussion, the sound of the earth mixed with electronic vibrations. MAKOTO SAN creates a transcendental and spectacular world, an invitation to travel, to hypnosis, but also to frenzy and exaltation. The vibration and raw energy emanating from this grass leaves its mark. The depth of the bamboo, the power of the skins, the crystalline nature of the metals and the electronic effervescence combine to plunge you into a mystical spell.

Just as Japanese mythology is full of tales in which ‘the student kills the master’, MAKOTO SAN whispers a tale to us. Since time immemorial, the bamboo school has shaped and refined an incredible instrumentarium. The last sensei, Mr Makoto (Makoto San), perpetuated the know-how and philosophy of the school, which he tried to pass on to four wanderers. Irreverent, the apprentices seized on his uncompromising and ascetic teaching and mixed it with Western electronic and techno music. An unforgivable sacrilege that turned them into ronins. Out of dishonour, this betrayal of their sensei’s teaching, they have chosen to do it masked.
MAKOTO SAN’s music combines the sound of bamboo percussion and other Asian instruments with electronic music. Unusual, pure and bewitching, the timbre of the bamboo instruments guides the quartet’s productions. It’s this grassy vibration that gives MAKOTO SAN’s tracks such a distinctive colour. The bamboo is joined by a host of Asian percussion instruments (Japanese taikos, Balinese anklung, Indonesian gender), which also add colour to Makoto San’s creations. A mashup between Asia (especially Japan) and the West (especially his electronic music).
The tracks all have an acoustic origin. A percussion pattern, a marimba turn, a gendèr melody… then electronics enters the dance. Perhaps an influence will emerge. It may come from ethnic music, a Berlin track, an animated film… The production is refined, the analogue takes on colour, the filters are fleshed out, a percussion key drives, a reverb expands, a sample transports… A journey under the branches of a cherry tree in springtime to the basement of a cramped club.
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