Samedi 24 Août


Le Cocon | Live & Experimental Stage

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Label : Ethereal Decibel Company

From : Orléans | France

From an early age, Kevin (aka Nibana) was heavily influenced by Pink Floyd, Tool, Aphex Twin and many others. He started out as a self-taught producer, playing every instrument he could find and in all kinds of musical styles, with no limits.
From the creation of a metal band to his ‘Electronica’ project, Nibana’s music has many influences: at times ambient, deep and melodic, at times in the form of striking, glitchy bass music, at its exact opposite with his ‘Psytrance’ project, with its industrial effects carried by dark melodies and atmospheres, and his new ‘Amortalist’ project, with its futuristic progressive sounds recently signed to Zenon Records.
He has already had the opportunity to play at international parties and festivals, working with many of the most respected and renowned artists on the psychedelic scene.
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