DJ set

Samedi 24 Août


Le Cocon | Live & Experimental Stage

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Label : Lost Music Records

From : Chine

From Chengdu, Chine, Pollyhedron’s style is never defined by dimensions but it has been animate by her pursuite of various vibrant music, as she has been dancing on rock scenes and dance floors around the globe. In her early years, she found her spiritual belonging in psychedelics, now she’s actively sharing this culture in the Chinese underground scene as DJ, party organizer, promoter, and VJ (aka Pollyfauna)

In 2008 she founded The Rove Project which connect tightly with other Psytrance artists from home and abroad. From the high-speed dark sounds of the night to the organic rhythms of nature, she shares what she loves with empathy. Now with Lost Music Recs, she’s ready to take her killer set and explosive shot to a broader stage.

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