Rafael Aragon

DJ set

Vendredi 23 Août


La Bulle | Chill-out Stage

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Label : Copycow

From : Belgique

Rafael Aragon’s music is trance-inducing, powerful yet delicate, constantly changing and continuously breaking borders. Sweaty dancefloor stompers and soulful anthems with a magic touch inspired by forgotten traditions and ancient folklores from all around the world. Mystic chimes, ritual drums and witchcraft music meet raving kicks, deep basslines and electronic polyrythms to provide a rich, dancy and psychedelic experience!

Displaying numerous and eclectic releases on various imprints wordwide for more than ten years, and with uninterrupted gigs in clubs, parties & festivals all around Europe, South America, North Africa & Japan, Rafael has made a name for himself as a versatile and talented producer, remixer, live act and DJ.

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