Vendredi 23 Août


Le Cocon | Live & Experimental Stage

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From : France

It’s often said that the company of others is good for artists’ creativity, that the hustle and bustle of the city and the experiences they have stimulate and enable them to create. For S8jfou, things are different: in order to live his music to the full and build it up, he has decided to isolate himself in a house he built himself in the middle of the mountains, away from the noise and judgement of others. His electronic compositions are all the freer for it. Since 2016, he has made a name for himself among young producers who are adept at analogue sounds and sound synthesis. Looking back over his discography, it’s easy to sense an evolution, an improvement in line with the drastic changes he’s made to his life: the more he isolates himself, the more accomplished his albums become.
I’m discovering that when you’re really alone, you can let yourself go and go into a kind of compositional trance, he says. Living there, I realise that you don’t need anything to live. I build a fire in the wood-burning stove to keep warm, I also cook on it, I go shopping once a month, walking for three hours… The rest of the time, I create.
For a long time, he has evolved in alternative urban environments: graffiti, skateboarding, plastic arts… Disciplines that praise the self-taught, the do-it-yourselfers, those who do things themselves. So S8jfou’s music has that handmade, artisanal feel that makes it all the more captivating and meaningful. It’s an approach that has even led this self-taught pianist to create two digital synthesizers, reproducing the richness of analogue sound. Since this was not available on the market, he decided to design them himself, in line with his ideas.
And if being alone helps S8jfou to devote himself to these different aspects of his art, then it’s best to let him get away from the hustle and bustle in which we live. The music he composes from his mountain will be all the more beautiful for it.
Electronic music has always been a field of experimentation for every musician who has dabbled in it. Ever more advanced machines, ever more sophisticated software, ever more liberated ways of moving the body… They have become the medium of perpetual technological and societal evolution. It was with this idea of exploration and experimentation that S8jfou, a young prodigy of Ableton and modular synthesizers, composed this soundtrack. Created to dress a short film that explores the profound relationship between bodies and landscapes, ‘A Line Alone’ has allowed S8jfou to return to minimalist composition, in a desire not to let technical demonstration get in the way of emotion.
Barely a year after his Op-Echo album, producer S8jfou has come up with a striking new project. Somewhere between ambient, IDM and acoustic piano, with voices from elsewhere, beatless tracks and ethereal rhythms, this delicate, slightly mystical album explores our own relationship with the body and with space. Inspired by the work of composer Shida Shahabi, among others, ‘A Line Alone’ allows S8jfou to reconnect with the simplicity of instinctive production, without the technical demonstration that can sometimes get in the way of emotion.
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