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Label : Hadra AlterVision Records

From : France

Saalyx is Pat ekaOlogik’s side project.
The journey goes on and on… With sounds that are both soaring and incisive, Saalyx transports us here and elsewhere. Going beyond codes but drawing inspiration from them (psybient, forest, psy techno, shoegaze…), Saalyx skillfully immerses us in a dark and hypnotic universe with percussive sounds. There are also some pleasantly aerial passages. It’s a real mental and physical expedition into an enchanted world on the cusp of trance, where time almost stands still!
The 1st album ‘Algorhytma’ was released in March 2023.
New single ‘Undergrowth’ released in August 2023 (Hadra Trance Festival V.A)
Finally, the 2nd album ‘Chronicles’ was released in April 2024.
You can close your eyes and let yourself be taken beyond the material, or you can hang on to these hypnotic rhythms and heady basslines for a guaranteed flight onto the dancefloor. Saalyx takes us beyond styles and lets us express our deepest sensibilities.
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