Jeudi 22 Août


Paradoxe | Alternative Stage

Bass Music, DNB

Label : World People Satellite

From : Grenoble | France

The French composer of tribal music, Yohann aka Shininjah, mixes his influences in a personal psychedelic universe, working with analog synthesizers mixed with acoustic instruments, on an electro-psy atmosphere.
Its soundscape takes you into a fascinating world where the melodies and vibrations of the didgeridoo combine with the energetic rhythm of the groovebox.

A self-taught multi-instrumentalist, Yohann has been passionate about music since childhood. The discovery of psytrance in the early 2000s, with the HADRA Family, was decisive for his musical direction.
He combines his psychedelic universe in several projects, dub, jungle, drum n bass, jazz and raggamufin, and has participated in numerous concerts for more than 20 years.
Today Shininjah is the result of his artistic expression since 2018, free and emotional.


Shininjah performs on various event like:

Tribal Elek Festival 2019
Festival des collines Le Festacle 2020
Festival (re)demmare 2021
Launch party of the World People Satelite label 2022
Festival de la Vrille 2022
UP2 Festival 2023
And lots of private psychedelic parties. He also collaborates with various jugglers and dancers.
He also creates his own decoration, costumes and mapping with friends for small events.
This year 2024 will begin a collaboration after a residency with the company Mystic Element in Grenoble, met during the UP2 Festival which unfortunately could not take place even though everything was in place to open the festival.
After this hard blow, we had to get back on track, which is why Shininjah is now more determined than ever to perform at the next destination, the Atman Festival 2024.

Label / Discography :

2019: Join the roster of the label Natural Groove Records
2020: selected by Toto, the founder of the big French label World People Production and joined the alternative sublabel World People Satellite in 2022 and releases his first EP intituled “Be Happy.
The commitment to the exploration of uncharted sonic realms comes true in the productions of Shininjah.
His debut EP “Be Happy” manifests the perfect fusion of tribal and traditional psychedelic elements in an ancestral electronic journey through organic vibrations over mighty synthetic soundscapes.
Get carried away in the ancient future evoked in the first chapter of Shininjah’s shamanic narrations, exclusively crafted for World People Satellite.
He also released 2 songs “In time” on a compilation by Lakay (Organic Groove) of Hadra Alternative Vision 2019 and “Sacred Mountain” on the compilation by World People Production of the famous up2 festival 2023.
And recorded several live shows like “Time Out” or “Company” on YouTube and SoundCloud.

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