Shubiao Quartet


Vendredi 23 Août


Le Cocon | Live & Experimental Stage

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Label : Indépendant

From : France - Mongolie

Shubiao Quartet perpetuates the age-old heritage of diphonic singing (khöömii) and traditional Mongolian instruments. In their world, praises and epics become gentle trances, heartfelt songs and telluric rhythms. Powerful music that takes us to a mythical otherworld.
The group was formed in Grenoble in 2023 when Shubiao, fresh from Mongolia with his bardic instruments and a throat full of epics, met Vincent Tournoud, a multi-voiced singer who had trained in diphony in Mongolia for several years. This initial duo came together as a matter of course, based on a revisited traditional Mongolian repertoire.
With the first concert prospects opening up, they began looking for experienced musicians who could provide the necessary rhythmic support and enable them to extend the possibilities of their arrangements.
Life fulfilled this wish beyond their wildest dreams when they met up with another duo, ‘Floyyy’, recently formed by percussionist Florent Diara (Djemdi, Big Ukulélé Syndicate…) and guitarist and DJ Yoan Richard (Yoy, Hadra records). Their electro-acoustic trance, infused with influences from all over the world, is perfectly suited to the Mongolian universe, magnifying its spirit as much as its letter. The fusion of the two duos takes shape on stage with the Shubiao Quartet. Their music is deeply rooted in a thousand-year-old tradition, yet is resolutely contemporary.
The set is designed around amplified music, but can be played in a semi-acoustic configuration, enabling them to perform in most concert venues.
Florent DIARA: Percussion, vocals, flute
Yoan RICHARD: Guitars, bouzouki, MAO
Vincent TOURNOUD: Vocals, tsuur, bass guitar
SHUBIAO: Vocals, mörin khuur, tovshuur
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