Sleeping Forest


Dimanche 25 Août


La Bulle | Chill-out Stage


Label : Hadra AlterVision Records

From : France

Sleeping Forest is an ambient artist signed to Hadra AlterVision Records.
A classically trained pianist and cellist, her experience as an instrumentalist is undeniably reflected in her compositions.
Her debut album immersed us in an atmosphere that was haunting, melancholy and epic all at once. Her compositions were full of emotionally-charged melodies and constantly evolving layers, with the use of samples taken from nature intensifying the immersion in his universe.
After appearing on a number of compilations, Sleeping Forest has produced a new album in the form of a series of ‘Echotones’ EPs, linked to the seasons. The series was launched in 2020, with a first EP recounting his vision of the autumn season through a composition combining numerous melodies with intoxicating layers and light rhythms. This was followed by a second EP that echoed the winter months, offering hypnotic, cerebral music with occasionally disturbing passages, set against a rhythmic backdrop that reflects the calm, length and heaviness of winter. By spring 2021, his third EP had regained its energy and colourful melodies.
To bring the series to a close, the fourth and final EP will finally be released in 2024, with a more upbeat soundtrack, in tune with the temperatures and joys of summer. Stay tuned!
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