Youthie & Kino Doscun


Le Cocon | Live & Experimental Stage

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Label : Merkaba Music

From : Paris | France

The two musicians get together to combine their two projects in an instrumental dub set, with multiple influences:
– Kino Doscun works on fusing oriental instruments with experimental sound design and dub grooves. In his sets, he plays the Oud and Saz live on his own productions, from deep psychedelic dub to more energetic midtempo grooves.
– From the Andalusian sun to the shade of an Indonesian forest, Youthie takes you on a musical roadtrip to the rhythm of skanks: a mix of roots reggae and world music, to the sound of flute and trumpet!
They have each collaborated on their respective projects: Kino Doscun’s albums ‘Sabir’ (2021) and ‘Sahar’ (2023) on Merkaba Music, and Youthie’s album ‘The Roots Explorers’ and several EPs released in 2022 on her label Youthie Records.
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