Dimanche 25 Août


Paradoxe | Alternative Stage

Dub, Psy Dub, Roots

Label : Youthie Records

From : Paris | France

From the Andalusian sun to the shadows of an Indonesian forest, Youthie takes you on a journey in her brassy universe to the rhythm of skanks: : an explosive mix of roots reggae and world music for a musical roadtrip!

An organic Dub project in which she makes the most of her various instruments (trumpet, flute, accordion, bagpipes) and sources of inspiration: jazz, Latin, Balkan, Oriental, Celtic, Afrobeat…
The multi-instrumentalist collaborates with a number of dub producers, before producing her debut album ‘Nomad Skank’ in 2019 on her Youthie Records label, followed by the double-album ‘The Roots Explorers’ in 2022, and finally ‘Gecko Tones’ in 2024!
She regularly performs in concerts, dub sessions and festivals, mixing mixes and instrumental performances on stage, notably at Dubcamp and Ozora in 2022.
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