20 years of Resistrance : the anniversary psytrance compilation of Hadra

Compilation_Hadra_20 ans_Psytrance
Compilation_Hadra_20 ans_Psytrance

The Hadra association celebrates this year its 20th anniversary! The festivities start with the release of a collector’s compilation made by the association’s labels, Hadra Records and Hadra Altervision Records.

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, the Hadra association is proud to present “20 years of Résis’Trance” : a triple compilation symbolizing these twenty years of activism, democratization and promotion of the psychedelic culture. Several generations of artists who have evolved within Hadra labels are now in this collector release, offering a complete panorama of the different styles and trends of psytrance from its beginnings to today.

This compilation gathers international artists who marked the history, but also emerging artists of the Grenoble region who evolved with Hadra all these years. “20 years of Résis’Trance”, it’s both emblematic tracks from Hadra Records and Hadra AlterVision Records labels but also unreleased tracks, all carefully selected by the Hadra team.

This compilation is a wink to those who have been by Hadra’s side all these years, artists, volunteers, partners, employees, intermittent workers, who have given their energy and their passion to make this project live since 2001. “Resis’Trance” is also a tribute to a great man: Driss, founder of the association and passionate militant for our environment.

Here are the artists who responded to this compilation:

Sysyphe – Deep Lodocus – Sleeping Forest – Cosmyte – Secret Vibes – Aora Paradox – YoY Project – Hypnotic Peafowl & Eue – Lakay –  B.Brain & Benzinho – Nêru – Smooth Criminal – L-Xir – Difaz – Itchy & Scratchy – Curious Detail – Digital Talk & Triskell – Shotu – Alderaan – Cubic Spline – Meelk – Siebzehn – Ekaologik – Lovpact – Digidep – D_Root -OddWave – Syxtra – Elypse – Sine Die – LunaRave – Barak

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