Style(s) : Progressive / Techno / PsyTechno
Stage : Alternative - (Sun. 4h00 / Sun. 6h00)
Label : ADN Music
Category : Music ( DJ set )
Town / Country : Grenoble (Fr.)

The story begins some time ago: Galien, a dj since 2006, meets Emile in 2014, in love with electronic music and eager to start mixing.
music and wanting to start mixing... The 1st battles begin to form and the styles cross; the techno and trance influences mix as time goes by... to give: 2 beasts in perfect symbiosis 2 complementary states of mind behind an evolving Dj set Techno Prog - Psy-techno , composing a dialogue of monkeys Rhythm & Groovy , Hypnotic & Dancefloor , Sweet & Ac... [lire plus]