Style(s) : Downtempo / Psy-Dub/Psy-Bass
Stage : Alternative - (Sun. 14h00 / Sun. 16h00)
Label : Hadra Altervision Records / Shanti Planti
Category : Music ( DJ set )
Town / Country : Cholonge (Fr.)

Benoît first got involved in Hadra in 2008 and became director and musical programmer of the Hadra Trance Festival. His missions have shaped over the years his knowledge on the global alternative music scene and have driven him to realise an artistic project that would give him the opportunity to widely spread around his favorite influences. Benoît stepped into the limelight of the stage in 2016 with a DJ project named Benzinho, proposing a journey into the depths of psychedelic chill, psybass... [lire plus]