Call for volunteer decoration projects

Appel à Projet Décoration 2020

Participate in the conception of the Hadra Trance Festival 2020 universe and come and exhibit your creations!

Every year, the Hadra Trance Festival welcomes numerous visual artists, decorators and painters to dress the stages, the infrastructures but also the site itself: transformations that allow festival-goers to plunge into a completely dreamlike universe and that greatly contribute to the magic of the event!

It is after multiple, intense and wonderful experiences lived and to be shared again and again around the Psytrance universe, that the Hadra Association invites you to participate in this Call for Projects Volunteer Decorations around the annual theme: Utopia & Nature!

Thanks to all your beautiful presences, your smiles, your unfailing investment and your incredible talents, it is every year that Hadra Trance Festival editions improve and unfold in a great condensed of Love, Music and Creativity! The Hadra association being a non-profit organization, each voluntary work marks the perennial construction of an associative heart in love with sharing…

It is all together that we can continue to make it live and grow…!

How to participate?

Right here on this form!

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned artist, make sure you’re prepared:

  • A beautiful idea corresponding to the theme Utopia & Nature, accompanied by sketches or presentation documents
  • A study of plastic construction – (and not plastic!) and in space, which you will be able to adapt on site with your know-how and your tools
  • A few motivated buddies who will give you a hand to send pate on time!

NB : We invite you to decorate the places where the festival will take place, so we will necessarily be vigilant on the selection of your craziest projects…!

Decoration constraint:

Be careful that the decoration is adapted to the public, i.e. not dangerous, taking into account the accesses of the fire brigade on site, fire/electric risks, falling heavy objects…

Please note that we ask to have only one person in charge per project. This person will be our interlocutor and the only person in charge of his/her team during the festival.

We want the teams whose projects are selected to be autonomous as much as possible during the festival and to manage their teams with a spirit of initiative and rigour…

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