Chapter 3: Departure

“You only have to look at the stars
to understand what’s behind your festival ticket…”

Two long years, crossing the desert…
Moving forward, through the shifting sands, fighting against the angry winds
But we walked, without stopping,
Never losing sight of our destination,

Today, the mirages are dissipating
The oasis of our reunion is in sight.
The Hadra Trance Festival reopens its doors,
Our Kasbah, the one that will welcome you in its heart
You, the many nomads in peregrination
Finally ready to join our dear Promised Land.

The brotherhood finally gathered,
will indulge in a great ceremony,
which will guide the initiated adepts
for four days and three nights.

Your journey to join us will begin…
This will surely not have escaped your notice,
but we have been forced to increase the entrance fee
Year after year, the costs keep increasing
and the festival is struggling to break even…

We no longer wish to take the risk of “disappearing”.
We are looking for a serene balance,
for the festival but also
but also for the life of the association itself.

That our Kasbah can stand,
Great and proud, beautiful and alive,
That guides its many pilgrims
In an intense and soothing trance.

To you who is joining us,
Know that you are our most precious support
Hadra is a small part of us, of you, of you
And it is together that the magic will work…

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