Chapter 6 : Final


On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, the Hadra association wished to close its 13th edition of the Hadra Trance Festival by inviting its audience to a journey to the heart of its origins. The founding members got together to concoct this very symbolic closing, retracing 20 years of history, memories, activism, but above all 20 years of an incredible human adventure that continues today.


Founded in 2001 by Driss Bouyad, the Hadra association continues to live on through all its members who follow one another from generation to generation. Here they are in this closing to pay tribute to him again.

Thanks to Studio K for the video captation.


You have reached the end of your journey to the heart of the origins
Thus ends the story of twenty years of odyssey, sweet and salty
Thus is written with you, festival-goers, fellow travelers
from all horizons, the last chapter of this narrative.
United as the fingers of a hand, we have together made this celebration;
A unique moment, suspended in time.
Carried by the music, our hearts vibrated in meeting,
our smiling souls greeted the moon, our inhabited bodies shone in the sun.
Ballet of flying carpets, ode to diversity. A motionless journey
After three years of crossing the desert, of imposed pause, of silence, of slow motion
The Hadra family met again for its great annual ritual.
The tradition continues. A sweet and spicy custom. The dream continues, persists, endures.
Rebirth, Resilience, Breathing, Freedom regained
Intimately collective, secretly universal
All the members of the Hadra crew, past and present, say an immeasurable thank you, choukran, thank you
You cultivate the founding chimeras
You pay homage to the aspirations of our founders
You encourage and support the passionate spirits, the agile little hands, the human resources behind the scenes who work all year long to make you dream
Thanks to you, Hadra is growing. Thus blossoms the utopia
You have reached the end of your journey. Well, not quite…
We invite you to a last excursion to the original land
A handful of Hadra’s native members, who have worked for many years, in the shadow or in the light, have concocted for you an evolving set.
A selection of emblematic tracks from their history with Hadra and with Psytrance.
Departure planned from a beach of GOA…
Get ready for the great crossing.
Open your ears and let yourself be carried, sparkling and light,
to the top of the dunes.


Made by the Hadra Crew – Special Thanks to Simon, Tris, Clem, Dams, Pierrot, Emilie, Ben, Anna, Didier.

  1. TRANSWAVE – Adoration to the Aum (1995) 
  2. GREEN NUNS OF THE REVOLUTION – Atomic armadillo (1995)
  3. HALLUCINOGEN – Gamma goblins (1996)
  4. ETNICA – Vimana (1997) 
  5. THE BEAST – Spawn (1998) 
  6. INFECTED MUSHROOM – The missed symphony (2000)
  7. 1200 MICROGRAMS – Marijuana (2002) 
  8. MELICIA – Experience (2003)
  9. HERGMA – Mali (2004)
  10. ESKIMO – Take a look out there (2004)
  11. Z-MACHINE – Chanting rmx (2006)
  12. LOGIC BOMB – Ansi (2007)
  13. INFECTED MUSHROOM – Becoming insane (2007) 
  14. A-TEAM – Taam shel paam (2008)
  15. PENTA  –  Robot poetry (2009)
  16. BARAK – Evolution (2009) 
  17. PHILTER – When I fall in love (2009) 
  18. PSYSEX – L.S.Dance (LOUD rmx) (2011) 
  19. NEELIX – Expect what (Edit 2012) (2012) 
  20. ODDWAVE – I’m the one who knocks