Preamble : Hadra Trance Festival 2022

Today, it is with a heart full of joy that we announce the return of the Hadra Trance Festival from Thursday 25 to Sunday 28 August 2022 at the Plan d’eau de Vieure.

It is high time to be back in the center of France, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our association: an anniversary edition that will celebrate the founding utopia, the one initiated by Driss in 2001. This crazy dream of creating an association in France around the psytrance music, this dream became Hadra, today amplified, magnified by the energy of those who lived the experience. 

These two years of absence have allowed us to highlight what was really important, what we were defending through Hadra. Party, yes, but not only: the one that binds us and unites us, the one that we make ours and that is shaped by a thousand and one hands, the one that live through us by the strength of emotions, the one that opens us other possible ways to invent together. Like a precious heritage, we wish to continue to transmit its strong values and to write together the continuation of this beautiful story. 

We are for sure in doubt but nonetheless obstinate to prepare this incredible anniversary edition. The sanitary situation gives us time to hope for a more favorable summer to welcome our gathering even if we remain dependent on government authorities. We are working hard on this edition, trying to integrate all possible constraints that we’ll be requested to comply with and to respond to the multiple scenarios. Nevertheless, be sure that we will pay tribute to the roots of the association until the end and will defend the festival at all costs.

We will never stop thanking you for your unconditional support, your kind words that reassure us and make us stronger. A big thank you also to the partners of the city council and community and to the inhabitants of Vieure who have believed in the project since the beginning, to the artists and workers who support the values of psytrance through their work, to the volunteers who give their time to make the project move forward. 

Hadra is coming back and will live no matter what the crisis is,because, as Driss used to say : “the essential and the starting point is Music.

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