Style(s) : Darkpsy
Stage : Mainstage - (Sun. 4h00 / Sun. 5h30)
Label : Catar Records
Category : Music ( Live Act )
Town / Country : Barcelone (Es.)

Angela Flo Llinas a.k.a Gelika/ Insane Creatures/ Tyndra) born in Barcelona in 1987, had her first connection with music through the violin when she was 10 years old, later on at the age of 12 she started listening to electronic music and after a few years she came across Psychedelic Trance music and straight away loved the sound of it. In 2005 she started djing Psytrance and then she moved to the United Kingdom (London) and started to play in the London Psytrance scene.?In 2008 she decided to g... [lire plus]