Our terms and conditions have been updated in 2023. Please read them carefully before booking your festival pass. By purchasing a Hadra Trance Festival pass, you agree to abide by the sanitary and safety protocol in force at the time of entry to the festival site, which may be amended at any time to reflect the latest legislation and guidelines.

Terms of sale



To be valid, this e-ticket is subject to Paylogic‘s general terms and conditions of sale, and to the conditions listed below, which you accept when ordering.
The only ways to buy a valid ticket are through the official festival website, through the association’s website and through our official partners.
Only our official partners have the right to organize contests where tickets are offered.

4 days / 3 nights ticket : 140 € (+ 3,50 € booking fee)
3 days / 2 nights ticket (Weekend / Fri. Sat. & Sun.) : TBA

The total number of tickets is limited.
If the festival is “Sold Out”, there will be no tickets available at the gate

All tickets are valid until the end of the festival.
Given the configuration of the location and the atmosphere we want to give to the event, apart from occasional controls by security guards, there are no systematic controls to access to the dancefloors. It is therefore impossible for us to know who will leave the festival as agreed and who will stay longer than expected.

The access to the campsite (including toilets and showers) and to the parking lots is included in all passes. Access is only possible for holders of a valid pass.

The support Fee allow you to participate a little bit more and support Hadra’s associative project and contribute to the development and sustainability of the festival and other activities that we carry out in parallel: TranceMission workshops, Hadra Records and Hadra AlterVision Records labels, support for artists, development of psychedelic culture, etc.
By choosing this fee, you benefit from a membership to the HADRA association: the opportunity to actively contribute to the development of the association!
You can choose a “support” ticket at +5, 10, 20 or 50 €.

During the ordering process, you will be given the option to pay for your ticket in three installments.
If you choose this option, in order for a ticket to be valid, all 3 payments must be made before August 20, 2022 according to the schedule you agreed to during the initial payment.
 Failure to pay the full amount of the ticket does not entitle you to any refund of the partial payments made previously.

More infos soon…

More infos soon…

FREE access to the festival for minors UNDER 13 years of age accompanied by a parent or guardian who has filled out a release form at the ticket office and who respects the specific protocol set up by the organization.

Minors are accepted at the Hadra Trance Festival only if accompanied by a parent or guardian (proof of age to be provided).
You may be asked to show a valid ID with a picture at the entrance of the festival to prove your age.
Unaccompanied minors will not be allowed to enter the festival and will not be reimbursed for their tickets.

This year, in order to improve the reception system and in agreement with the autorities, we will ask to fill in a document the ticket office specifying
– the contact details of the legal guardian present at the festival (surname / first name / telephone number) as well as a copy of his/her identity card, the family record book (or other administrative documents confirming the link of parental authority),
– the name and surname of the child
– an off-site contact to be notified in the event of an emergency (surname / first name / telephone number)

Each minor will receive an access bracelet to the festival as well as a second bracelet specifying his or her status as a minor and a ‘neck’ badge for the minor, to be kept for the duration of the festival, with his or her first name on the front and on the back, the contact of the legal guardian, with his or her first and last name.

At the time of your visit to the ticket office, our staff will also indicate on a map the location of the three Civil Protection (ADPC) first aid posts which will serve as a meeting place in case of problems.

People who can prove that they have a disability card with a minimum disability rate of 80% or a 3rd category disability pension, as well as a valid ticket to the festival, can benefit from an invitation for their companion.

All requests must be made in advance of the event (no later than 1 week before the start of the festival). Please fill out the application form below. 

The invitation will be in the name of the person with a disability. People with disabilities must go to the festival ticket office with a valid ticket for themselves, a proof of identity and their companion to validate their invitation.


After payment, you will receive your presale ticket in the form of an e-ticket with a number and a barcode. Print this e-ticket or keep it on your phone and present it at the entrance of the event to get your wristband.
Only this wristband will allow you to freely access the different areas of the festival as well as to leave the festival and return if you wish.
It is essential to keep your bracelet intact at all times. Any bracelet damaged, cut, glued, etc. may be considered invalid and lead to your eviction from the festival site.

Pre-sales for this event are NOT nominative.

The ticket number and the barcode guarantee the unicity of passage during the controls.
Only the first person to present an e-ticket will be considered the rightful owner and will be allowed to attend the event. Keep your e-ticket in a safe place.

Buy your tickets only from official sales outlets.


In accordance with the regulations, dogs are not allowed. 
Anyone bringing a dog into the festival grounds (including campsites and parking lots) will be asked to leave the premises without delay with their animal without possibility of reimbursement.

Glass bottles or any other glass container, as well as the throwing or depositing of garbage on the public highway are strictly forbidden on the festival grounds. It is also forbidden to make fire on the festival grounds and the campsite.

The organizer declines all responsibility in case of theft and/or loss on the campsite and the parking lot.

Your tickets do not give you access to a reserved place on the festival site or on the campsites.

In case of force majeure, the organizer will not be held responsible.

We take care of the well-being, health and safety of our festival-goers, staff and suppliers. We rigorously follow the rules imposed by the French government to fight against the spread of COVID-19. 

Due to the health situation in France and the associated governmental measures, Hadra cannot guarantee that the festival will take place when the tickets go on sale. In case of cancellation, Hadra will inform the public as soon as possible.

There is a risk of transmission of Covid-19 in any environment or whenever people gather together. This risk increases in enclosed spaces or with large numbers of people. By purchasing a ticket for the Hadra Trance Festival, you voluntarily accept the risk of being exposed to, contracting or spreading Covid-19, and that Hadra is not responsible for Covid-19 contamination and/or its possible consequences.

The Hadra Association undertakes to comply with any legal obligations imposed on it by the government.

By purchasing a Hadra Trance Festival pass, you agree to abide by the health and safety protocol in effect at the time of entry to the festival site, which may be amended at any time based on the latest legislation and guidelines, or if necessary. These protocols may be communicated to you via various media including but not limited to the Hadra Trance Festival website, by e-mail, in the event signage or by the event management team.

The inability or refusal to comply with the regulations in force will not give any right to a refund of the ticket. The same shall apply to all governmental measures subsequent to the purchase of the ticket and in force on the first day of the event.

The buyer acknowledges that he/she is aware of possible changes in governmental measures and therefore of access to the site.

We advise you to consult the website and/or the social networks of Hadra Trance Festival before your arrival in order to be aware of the regulatory constraints to respect.

Festival goers agree not to participate in the event if they think they are infected with Covid-19.

If you are positive for Covid-19 and this prevents you from participating in the event, please inform the Hadra association ( as soon as possible in order to send us your proof of contamination, within 2 days of obtaining this document.

You can then transfer your place to the person of your choice. To do so, please send by email ( your E-ticket, your ID, as well as the name, first name, date of birth and email address of the person to whom the new E-ticket will be sent.

No transfer request will be taken into account after the opening of the festival!


In accordance with article L 121-21-8 of the French Consumer Code, tickets for shows are not subject to a right of withdrawal.

Tickets for the Hadra Trance Festival are NON-REFUNDABLE

During the ordering process, it is however possible to choose to subscribe to the medical and travel insurance contract offered by BookingProtect. In this case, BookingProtect alone will be responsible for the reimbursement according to the terms of this contract. More information here.

In case of cancellation of the Hadra Trance Festival 2022 only the ticket price (excluding booking fees) will be refunded by the organizer and only to the persons who bought the tickets. In this case, the terms of reimbursement will be defined later.

A change in the program cannot give the right to a total or partial refund.


Presale tickets are NOT RESALEABLE.

However, an E-ticket can be transferred to a third party by using this link: TRANSFER
Deadline: August 20th 2022
Transfer fee: 5 €.
After payment of the transfer fee, a new E-ticket with a new barcode will be sent to him/her and the old E-ticket will be invalidated.


Buy your E-tickets only from official outlets.

It is forbidden to reproduce, use a copy, duplicate, counterfeit the E-ticket or the wristbands with permanent closure in order to resell it under penalty of criminal prosecution.
Any order placed using an illegal means of payment to obtain an E-ticket will result in criminal prosecution and invalidity of the E-ticket.

Any person participating in the Hadra Trance Festival grants, free of charge, the right to fix his/her image and voice by means of photography or video and the right to use them on all communication media, physical or digital, in relation to the aforementioned festival and/or the promotion of its activities, for a period of 10 years, automatically renewed in the absence of a refusal notified with a three-month notice, and on the territory of the European Union.

The information and data concerning you are necessary for the management of your order and our commercial relations. They are kept for communication and information purposes with you.

In accordance with the regulation on the protection of personal data, you can exercise your rights (access, rectification, deletion, opposition, limitation and portability if necessary) by referring to the general terms of sale of Paylogic which remains the sole owner of your personal data.

In order to allow us to identify you more easily, please provide us with at least the following information: name, first name and e-mail address. The request for access to your personal data must be accompanied by a valid photo ID. Please specify the address at which we can contact you in all your communications with Hadra.

It is understood that any person having sexist, racist, homophobic, validist, transphobic or grossophobic comments or behavior has no place at the Hadra Trance Festival.
The organization reserves the right to refuse entry or remove the wristband and remove from the festival site, without partial or total refund, any person having such acts or words.

Ordering your pre-sale for Hadra Trance Festival implies your full acceptance of the above conditions.
If you have any questions regarding your presale, please contact