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by road

From Paris, Lille, Bourges, Nantes :
Follow direction Bourges
On the A71 highway, take exit 10 toward Montluçon/Guéret/Cosne d’Allier/Commentry
Follow the A714
Take the exit to the D94 road
Follow the D94 toward Vieure
Follow the signs !

From Geneva (CH), Turin (It), Chambéry, Clermont­Ferrand, Marseille, Bordeaux, Toulouse :
Follow directions toward Clermont Ferrand, then follow directions to Bourges and take the A71 highway
On the A71 highway, take exit 10 toward Montluçon/Guéret/Cosne d’Allier/Commentry
Follow the A714
Take the exit to the D94 road
Follow the D94 toward Vieure
Follow the signs !


The festival will take place in Vieure, in the department of Allier, in the north of Auvergne. The festival site is located on the edge of the “Plan d’eau de Vieure”.

What time does the festival start?

The festival site (camping 1 and stages) will be open to the public from Thursday August 27th at 2pm. We did not get the agreement from the prefecture to open the site earlier: it will be impossible to welcome you on the car parks, the site and the campsites before this time.

Can I come only for one night?
Yes, however there is no 1 Day Pass. It is however possible to buy a Pass and come to the festival site for a reduced duration.
As the festival rotates 24 hours a day, it is impossible to check that a person who returns on Thursday leaves on Friday and does not stay until Sunday. All passes are therefore valid until the end of the festival.  In other words, if you only want to stay the night from Thursday to Friday, you still have to pay for the 4 day / 3 night pass (pass that allows you to stay until Sunday if you wish). We do not offer a pass valid only for the night from Thursday to Friday or the night from Friday to Saturday.
Can we get out and back on site during the festival?
Yes. Each festival-goer will be given an identification bracelet upon arrival. This will allow them to move freely between the festival and the outside during the entire event.
Wearing the bracelet is mandatory inside the festival grounds. Any person not wearing a bracelet or wearing a bracelet that has been damaged, cut or altered in any way will be escorted back to the festival entrance by security.
He or she will be asked to pay the entry fee in effect at that time to re-enter.
If, despite its solidity, your bracelet breaks accidentally, go as soon as possible to the entrance where it will eventually be replaced.
The bracelets are personal and may not be lent, given or resold to an another person under any circumstances.
Is there a reception for people with disabilities?
Yes, a specialized welcome is provided for people with disabilities:
  • There will be two AMAAC stands at the festival: one at the entrance to facilitate the arrival of the public and one on the festival site to answer questions.
  • campsites reserved for people with reduced mobility, close to adapted sanitary facilities and the first aid post
  • reserved parking spaces near the ticket office
  • privileged access for people with reduced mobility to go from the car park to the festival site, with reserved parking spaces on the site. However, you have to inform us in advance to obtain this pass: [email protected]
  • possibility of recharging electric vehicles at the rescue station
Please contact [email protected] / 04 38 49 29 44 to prepare your arrival at Hadra Trance Festival.
I'm a minor, can I have access to the Hadra Trance Festival?

Yes, but only accompanied by a parent or holder of parental authority and under his or her responsibility. The festival is free for children under 14 years old.

Can I come with my pet?
Unfortunately not. The Festival site, located on the edge of the “Plan d’eau de Vieure”, is strictly forbidden to pets.
Indeed, as it is a pledge of good understanding with our guests (prefecture, town hall, campsites, owners who make their land available), we will strive to enforce this rule valid for all of us, public, providers, volunteers and organizers. Of course, many of our 4 (or sometimes 3) legged companions are adorable, well-trained and clean up their small and large commissions themselves behind them. But we can’t do this on a case by case basis. So for safety and health reasons, and also because the festival is close to the “enchanted farm” where donkeys, sheep, pigs, chickens and ducks already live together, it is not possible to welcome dogs, cats and ostriches in the festival grounds.
As every year, teams will have to fulfil the delicate mission of not letting you enter the site if you come with your companion. No special case will be made and the same goes for the organizers and volunteers.
If you are unable to find a friend or family for your four-legged animal, here is a list of boarding houses near the festival here.
Anyone without exception accompanied by their pet (including volunteers and booth owners) will be asked to leave the festival site. No refunds will be possible.
Can I go directly to the festival site when I arrive?
No, you must first go to the ticket office to validate your pre-sale and receive your bracelet (which allows you to enter and leave the festival freely throughout the festival). Anyone not wearing their bracelet will be refused entry on the access road to the festival and will be invited to go to the ticket office.

Pass & Tickets

Pass 4 days / 3 nights : 120 € + rental fees.
Pass 3 days / 2 nights: to be announced later (subject to tickets still available).

Will there be 2-day pass ?
No, the PASS 2 Days are not available in presale. They will be on sale on site if we are not full at the opening of the festival.
The Hadra Trance Festival is an adventure in its own right, to be experienced in its entirety. We work throughout the year to offer you 4 days of unforgettable festivities, disconnected from our daily life.
The festival format allows us to think and create a complete and unique experience and we invite you to live it to the fullest. It’s not just about consuming the party for one evening, but about discovering and letting yourself be carried away by the universe we’ve concocted for you.
Beyond the musical program, there are a whole bunch of extras to discover: take the time to stroll around and catch a glimpse of the many surprises that litter the site, discover the art gallery, participate in a workshop, attend a conference, meet people and above all, let yourself be surprised by the magic of the moment.
I have a problem with my Pass order, who should I contact?

In case of problems with your Pass, you can contact [email protected] explaining as precisely as possible the problem encountered (specifying the order number), we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Is it possible to pay your pass in installments?
Yes, this solution is exclusively reserved for adult customers residing in France and holders of a Visa and MasterCard bank card with an expiry date that must be later than the last scheduled expiry date. Any other payment card will not be eligible for this option (as non-limiting examples: e-cards, American Express, Electron, Indigo, Maestro, Nickel, etc.).
The customer guarantees to the Paylogic ticketing platform that he is fully authorised to use the payment card for the settlement of his order and that the payment card provided will legally give access to sufficient funds to cover all costs resulting from his purchase and acknowledges that he alone bears the responsibility for this.
After validating his or her basket and completing the information relating to his or her identity, the customer will be able to choose, at the stage dedicated to secure payment, between a cash payment and a payment in instalments. If the option of payment in several instalments is selected, the customer will be asked to fill in his or her payment information and will be able to see the amount that will be debited at the validation of the order and at each agreed deadline.
In accordance with the provisions hereof, it is expressly reminded that the Organizer remains the owner of the tickets ordered until the total and definitive collection of the price. The Client’s failure to pay all or part of the price under the above conditions may result in the cancellation of his order and tickets, as of right and in full, without prior written formal notice, without reimbursement or compensation of any kind, without the need to have this cancellation recorded by a court of law and without prejudice to any damages that the Organiser and/or Paylogic may claim.
Can I show my place on my phone?

Yes, you can either print your e-ticket or you can keep the ticket as a PDF file on your phone.

Will tickets be available on site?

Tickets may only be available on site if the festival is not already sold out. The total number of tickets is strictly limited to 8000. In order to be sure to attend the festival, it is recommended to buy your ticket in advance.

Is my ticket to the festival nominative?
No, E-Tickets are not nominative.
The barcode number guarantees the uniqueness of the passage during the controls.
You can offer your pass to the person of your choice. However, only the first person presenting an e-ticket at the entrance of the festival will be considered as its rightful owner and will be allowed to attend the event.
Do not buy your presale from a stranger: you will have no guarantee of validity and access to the event may be refused. The Hadra festival will not be responsible for the purchase of a fraudulent ticket.
Keep your e-ticket in a safe place.
Is my presale refundable?

No, pre-sales are not refundable unless the event is cancelled by the organizer and except in the case of force majeure (natural disaster, act of terrorism, war, etc…).
For any other question concerning your presale, please contact [email protected] .

Camping & Parking

Camping is included in the festival entrance fee. Placement is free in the areas provided for this purpose.
During the festival, camper vans, trucks and vans can park in the car park dedicated to them, within the limit of available spaces and as long as the drivers do not intend to move their vehicle during the festival.
Is camping included in the ticket price?

Yes, camping is included in the festival entrance fee. Placement is free in the areas provided for this purpose.

Is there a campsite dedicated to converted vehicles?

Yes, during the festival, campers, trucks and vans will be able to park in the car park dedicated to them, within the limit of available spaces and as long as the drivers do not intend to move their vehicle during the festival.

Where are the parking areas located?
The parking lots are located a few hundred meters from the festival entrance next to the ticket office. They will be separated into two areas: the first for cars, the second for vehicles equipped for camping.
The car parks are only accessible to festival-goers with a wristband. Glass bottles are only allowed in the car park.
We regret to inform you once again, as has been the case since the beginning of the Hadra festival in 2005, that we will not accept our animal friends (neither on the site nor on the campsites and car parks).
Tents are only allowed on the campsite and not next to cars and trucks on the parking lots.
Is electricity available on the campsite?
Yes, but only in the sanitary facilities of the campsite.
Can we bring a stove?

Yes, stoves are accepted. However, no fire or barbecue!

How long is there between the parking lots and the festival site?

Depending on where you are parked in the car parks, there is a walk of between 5 min and 10 min maximum!


Whether for medical care by first-aid workers and doctors, supervision of the public by the security service or prevention and information by risk reduction associations, several structures work together to ensure that each festival is welcomed in the best possible conditions.

Where is the first aid?

Three first-aid stands are scattered around the site: a first one in campsite 2, a second one at the entrance of the festival (before the food stand area) and the last one in the handstage and the bar.

Where can I find a prevention / risk reduction point?

For any information, doubts or questions, take advantage of the prevention and risk reduction stand located next to the Hadra stand and info point. The following associations will be present: Keep smiling, Ekinox and the CAARUD of Montluçon.

What is the Safe Zone?
A “safe” zone is set up at the Hadra Trance Festival. This area will be located in the “Village” area of the festival.
The aim of this space is to prevent, inform, listen and accompany the festive environment which is subject to sexist, violent, discriminatory and oppressive behaviours, just like other environments. Volunteers will be present to exchange and welcome the testimonies of people who wish to do so, in all kindness and security.
Of course, you will also be able to exchange with the interveners on the entire Risk Reduction space. The Safe Zone is more of a resource space for people who want to settle down more calmly and/or in need.
What are the prohibited items on the festival site?
  • Bottles or any other glass object,
  • Barbecue,
  • Weapon, sharp object or deemed dangerous,
  • Fireworks,
  • Animals (except guide dogs)
Can I make a fire on the festival site?

No, it is forbidden to make a fire on the whole site, camping and parking lots included.


For any questions about the festival and its surroundings (tourism, practical information…), go to the Hadra Stand where a team of volunteers will be able to give you direct information about the festival. But if you’re a particularly far-sighted festival-goer, this section is made for you!

Are lockers available?

No, that’s why we advise you not to bring valuables with you.

Are there any ATM' s on the festival site?
No, there are no distributors on the festival site. The closest one is in Vieure, it is quickly overrun and can be out of service in the first few days.
Moreover, not all stands are equipped with an electronic payment terminal. We strongly advise you to withdraw cash before leaving or to make a stop on your way so that you don’t have to deal with this issue after your installation.
Is it necessary to bring warm clothes?
As the festival takes place at the end of August this year, it is still held outdoors, so nights can be cool. It is strongly advised to bring some warm clothes for the night. As well as a tent and a good sleeping bag for those who wish to rest comfortably.
Although usually of short duration, a thunderstorm is always possible at this time of year. We are prepared for this. So be prepared, too, and bring along something to protect yourself from possible bad weather.
Who do I contact if I have lost or found something?
If you have lost or found an object, we invite you to come and ask at the Hadra Shop during the festival. If this item has not been returned to us, please wait two weeks (the time for dismantling) after the festival and then call us or send an e-mail to [email protected] for any complaints.


Coming to the HADRA festival is also an opportunity to visit the Allier! If you have time, before or after the festival, and you want to explore the surroundings, we invite you to discover the landscapes, the gastronomy, the historical and cultural heritage of the Allier.
Rest and camping areas close to the festival
We cannot welcome any festival-goers on the site before the official opening on Thursday, August 27th, 2pm. If you’ve already made your way and you’re not far away, here are some free rest areas available around the festival: 
1. Bizeneuille RD94, carpooling area
2. Bizeneuille RD94, rest area
3. Côtes de Matra RD136, panoramic view – highest point, forest
4. Best RD73, rest area + 2 additional areas on 2kms
5. Buxières-les-Mines RD68, parking du plan d’eau
6. RD953 (between Bourbon l’Archambault and St Menoux), rest area
To find other areas nearby:
Enjoy the surroundings while being respectful of your environment!
National Centre for Costume Design

– Moulins-sur-Allier

  • Fee: 3€/person
  • Address: 26 rue Voltaire, 03000 Moulins-sur-Allier
  • GPS position: 46.566962, 3.333702
  • Phone : 04 70 35 72 58
The National Centre for Stage Costumes is the first conservation structure, unique in France and abroad, to be entirely devoted to the material heritage of theatres.
Its mission is the conservation, study and promotion of a heritage collection of 10,000 stage costumes (theatre, opera or ballet) as well as painted scenery paintings.



World Puppet Show

Exposition de marionnettes du monde
– Monétay-sur-Allier

  • Address: 2 rue les Brouillards, 03500 Monétay-sur-Allier
  • GPS position: 46.382623, 3.300286
  • Telephone: 04 70 42 09 25
  • Fee: 5 €/person
Unique in Auvergne! Exhibition of 750 professional puppets from 102 countries around the world. 4000 years of history of this often little-known art.


Tronçais Forest

Forêt de Tronçais – Vitray

  • Address: Tronçais Forest, 03360 Vitray
  • GPS position: 46.608473, 2.681621
Magnificent trees several hundred years old, ponds and fountains full of secrets, a forest heritage of excellence, varied activities according to the seasons… 
Stretching over nearly 11,000 hectares in the north-west of the Allier department, the Tronçais forest is one of the most beautiful forest massifs in France. Developed by Colbert, one of Louis XIV’s main ministers, it is known for its high quality oak trees. Carved many times, the forest has since regained its rights and now boasts specimens several hundred years old. Since 2018, it has been labelled an “Exceptional Forest” because of its remarkable forest heritage and its natural heritage that has been rightly highlighted.
The arboretum of Balaine

L’ARBORETUM DE BALAINE – Villeneuve-sur-Allier

  • Address: 61 Route de Paris, 03460 Villeneuve-sur-Allier
  • GPS position: 46.696451,3.2452889
  • Phone : 04 70 43 30 07
  • Fee: 10€/person
This English-style park classified as a remarkable garden, created in 1804 by Aglaé Adanson, is the oldest private botanical and floral park in France. The Balaine arboretum combines the architecture of 19th century English gardens with collections of exotic species. It surrounds a typical Bourbonnais castle classified as a historical monument since 1993.
A guided or self-guided tour of this park of more than 25 hectares allows you to discover 3,500 varieties planted over the last 200 years. A park where, by the intermingling of conifers and deciduous trees, one could believe oneself transported in the primitive forest of the mountains of the south of China.
Children's Illustration Museum

– Moulins-sur-Allier

  • Address: 26 rue Voltaire, 03000 Moulins-sur-Allier
  • GPS position: 46.566962, 3.333702
  • Phone : 04 70 35 72 58
Dedicated to book illustration, the museum’s mission is to build up a collection of original works representative of the history of children’s illustration from the 19th century to the present day.
Through exhibitions, workshops and readings, it promotes illustration to help the greatest number of people discover it. A permanent, fun and interactive trail invites visitors to discover the history of illustration, the creative techniques, the artists and the images that have marked several generations of children and parents and that are also part of our collective memory today.


Museum and Gardens of Souvigny


  • Address: Place Aristide Briand, 03210 Souvigny
  • GPS position: 46.53492,3.192732
  • Phone : 04 70 43 99 75
Museum housed in the former barns of the adjoining priory. The collection is devoted to the archaeological, monumental and ethnological heritage of the surrounding bocage. The gardens of the priory, which extend the visit, are a reconstitution of French gardens mixing ornamental plants, ancient vegetables and medicinal plants.



Pagoda and Buddha

– Noyant-d’Allier

  • Address: Noyant-d’Allier 03210
  • GPS position: 46.501947,3.056235
Self-guided or guided tour.
Since 1955, an Asian community replaced the miners of Noyant and built a pagoda and statues to celebrate the worship of Buddha. The interior of the richly decorated building can be visited provided you put your shoes on at the entrance.



Val d'Allier Nature Reserve

Réserve naturelle du val d’Allier

  • GPS position: 46.441110, 3.331175
Considered one of the last great wild rivers in Western Europe, the Allier has produced a set of landscapes characterized by their diversity and high degree of naturalness.
To the south of Moulins, since 1994, the Val d’Allier National Nature Reserve has protected 1,450 hectares over about 28 km of the course of the Allier. It is one of the largest river reserves in France. 


Street Art City

Street Art City
– Lurcy-Lévis

  • Address: Béguin, 03320 Lurcy-Lévis
  • GPS position: 46.719778, 2.920049
  • Telephone: 06 37 08 79 13
  • Fee: 12€/entry
The premises of the former training centre of the “PTT”, abandoned for about twenty years, have begun to change. Covering 10 hectares and 13 buildings with a surface area of 7,000 m², Street Art City offers 22,000 m² of frescoes and a unique show.


Valley and Gorges of the Sioule

Vallée et Gorges de la Sioule
– Menat

  • Address: 63440 Menat
  • GPS position: 46.099667, 2.931607
Before reaching the calm waters of the Allier, the Sioule flows down the foothills of the Massif-Central in a wild environment that deserves the detour. The river, which once marked the step between the Bourbonnais and the Auvergne, between oc and oil, still delimits the Allier on its left bank and the Puy-de-Dôme on its right.
Medieval village of Hérisson

Village médiéval de Hérisson
– Hérisson

  • Address: 03190 Hérisson
  • GPS position: 46.509826, 2.712231
Hérisson was founded around the 5th century. Between old stones and preserved nature, a visit to the village of Hérisson is both a journey through time and a quest for serenity.


Bourbon l'Archambault Thermal Baths

Thermes de Bourbon l’Archambault

  • Address: Place des Thermes, 03160 Bourbon-l’Archambault
  • GPS position: 46.585293, 3.056672
  • Phone : 04 70 67 07 88
Listed as a Historic Monument, the Bourbon-l’Archambault thermal baths welcome you in a setting that combines exceptional décor and modern, functional and sophisticated treatment facilities.