LIVe band gnawa psychÉ rock



Created in Marrakech in 2018, Bab L’Bluz was born from a dream to highlight the guembri on the music scene international, by confirming that this instrument born in Africa, is at the origin of the Blues. Bab L’Bluz is a tribute to the inexhaustible roots of the Gnawa culture, resolutely 70’s.

Their innovative music mixes musical tradition and more current rhythms (Hassani, Blues, Gnawa, Funk, Chaa3bi). Although the practice of guembri is traditionally reserved for maa3lems, Gnaouis masters of ceremonies, Bab L’Bluz has developed a musical identity original. The group is made up of musicians who, like the Gnaouis, have travelled while establishing a resolutely modern state of mind and style, open to world music.

Bab L’Bluz also drew inspiration from music Hasanniya or traditional Moorish music, present in Mauritania and some neighbouring countries, particularly in the south of Morocco. It is especially characterized by its poetry known as Tebraa, where women sing for their lovers love poems, interpreting them so the Mauritanian Blues called a tarab al hassani. Between Gnawa, Rock, Funk and Blues, Bab L’Bluz brought together these styles from different continents, in order to create a meeting point, thus committing to sing for peace, equality and love in all corners of the world.