LIVe TRIP-HOP / electronica


Aora Paradox_hadra
Aora Paradox is an electro-acoustic music duo from the Grenoble region, born in 2017 out of the desire to offer a music mixing very different universes, without any restriction of genres.
The watchword? To create surprise, to fight against apathy by travelling between dark and melancholic Trip-Hop, powerful progressive rock with deconstructed rhythms, aerial melodies and more brutal sounds, carried by Yoan‘s electrifying guitars and Nao‘s sweet and warm voice.
Convinced that moving away from the meaning of words would allow them to concentrate on the intention and not finding satisfaction in common languages, they decide to free themselves partly from them in order to create a language of their own: the Upaÿ.
Aora Paradox is above all a strong friendship, waves of emotion and a vibrant complicity almost palpable live. Adept of “do it yourself”, composing everything in their home-studio, the duo joins the label Hadra Altervision Records in 2018 and Mix’Arts in 2019 for the booking/management part.