Ingrained Instincts
Ingrained Instincts is a unique project by Tilemachos Vlachos and Dafy Deliangelos, originally from Greece but now living in London. Both share the same passion for psychedelic music since their early days. They met in 2001, formed a project together, and started to develop a different sound, but totally sympathetic to the scene, and yet totally psychedelic, and funky! 
After many years of experimentation, the Ingrained Instincts project was born in 2014. Their sound could be described as an amalgamation of many variations that don’t fit in one box? A resolutely different and organic sound. For their production, they use analog as well as digital equipment and build their own modular system.
Ingrained Instincts has been released so far on TIP Records, Nano Records, Future Music Records, Goa Productions, Blacklite Records, and is now signed with Sangoma Records. Although Ingrained Instincts is a relatively new project, they have been busy touring the world and performing live in some of the biggest festivals of the Psytrance scene!