Founded by Camille Jan and Georges Pauquet in 2007, the psy-trance duo is quickly joined by Romain Richard and Nassim Mamasse, both of whom met Camille at school.
They experimented with the emerging genre of psy-progressive, and finally found their own sound: a clever mix of all the most progressive aspects of the scene, of convoluted melodies, embellished with a catchy and refreshing beat. Their first EP “A Thousand Parsecs Away”, released in 2012, sets the scene for a very rich universe and takes us on a striking journey across the galaxy.
Since then, the band has been re-formed by Camille Jan and Romain Richard, who now collaborate with many sought-after producers such as Flegma, Sonic Entity or Lunarave. They now travel from Tokyo to Mexico City, taking advantage of their return to Paris to share their cosmic vibrations on the dancefloors of their original psychedelic universe, offering a set including percussions and synths.