Style(s) : Chill & Ambient / Downtempo / Dub / ElectroDub
Stage : ChillOut - (Sat. 20h00 / Sat. 22h00)
Label : Liquid Sound Design
Category : Music ( DJ set )
Town / Country : Londres (Uk.)

Robin Triskele is a powerful channel for the eloquent transmission of higher frequencies. A bonafide selectress on a mission to connect the physical and spiritual realms through the mystique of music.

With a fearless curiosity, she explores the depths of electronic dance music and moves you seamlessly through an impressive collection of Dub, Techno, Chillout, Ambient and other eclectic downtempo electronica. She also performs as Synergy Dub (her live project with Gabriel Le Mar/Saafi Brothers... [lire plus]