Dimanche 25 Août


La Main | Main Stage

Bresilian Style, Full-on

Label : DM7

From : Brésil

Marco Lisa is a human being whose life is intrinsically connected with music, for more than two decades dedicating his energy and creativity to positively impact everyone who comes into contact with his work. As an artist, he presents us with his deepest expressions through songs and presentations such as 3LMT, his artistic name for his own productions, and CronoCops, a revolutionary partnership with Lucas Klipsun, in addition to introducing us to his musical versatility as Element, a nickname that established him as a DJ on the dancefloors of Brazil and the world.

As a businessman, he joined forces with Diogo Andrade and together they founded DM7 Group, a brand that is a fundamental player in the trance community, for its role in career management and bookings for some of the world’s leading artists, for its teaching platform, DM7 Academy, for its record label DM7 Records, for being the producer of the party Progressive, with more than 80 editions, and Adhana Festival, with 3 memorable editions held so far.

Among the various activities he carries out today, it was as a DJ that Element began his career. The combination of his appreciation for technology, his vast musical research and his ability to connect with the tracks quickly took him to the top, performing 86 times in a single year! His skill and creative use of Traktor made him one of the only psy trance artists to be recognized as a Native Instruments ambassador, knowledge that is part of the DJing course he launched during the pandemic, in which he also teaches all the other skills – artistic or not – that a beginner DJ needs to have to follow the path they want in electronic music.

As time went by, just playing was not enough. It was when, after much study, training and dedication, 3LMT came into the world, showing us that Marco Lisa’s refined sense was also capable of providing us with remarkable musical productions. When collaborating with Lucas Klipsun in the studio, the duo felt there was enough connection of ideas and values to launch CronoCops, a project with innovative aesthetics and cinematographic air, in which both embody a duo of time police officers and tell intriguing stories, narrated subjectively through music and objectively in all related content that is produced, from interactive clips to printed comic books.

In total, Marco has released more than 30 songs and made more than a thousand presentations, taking his art to the most diverse audiences and places, from major European festivals to intimate parties in the interior of Brazil, playing psy trance, techno or chill out, touching the hearts of the people who accompany him. Today we can say that he is one of the pillars of the scene in which he operates, due to his attitude and personality on and off the stage, having won respect and admiration from professionals and lovers of good music.

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