DJ set

Dimanche 25 Août


La Main | Main Stage

Israeli Style

Label : Stereo Society

From : Israël

The rise of the psychedelic explorer – DEKEL is not easy to explain in words, but everything adds up when you listen to his music. With a high-volume breakthrough in 2017, DEKEL’s 1st EP – ‘Technoid’, made waves, topping Beatport’s charts and becoming the most successful ‘debut release’ in HOMmega Productions’ history. In 2021, after three years in the making, the Young Shaman released his debut album – ‘Ancient Future’, a personal memory book manifesting DEKEL’s personal journey, portrayed in 8 original chapters – that competes on the reader’s heart and mind.

Currently working on a down-tempo album, which recently debuted at Ozora Festival 2023, we can only wait to create another long-lasting memory handwritten by our beloved Dekel.

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