Hyper Frequencies

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Vendredi 23 Août


La Main | Main Stage

Retro psy

Label : World People Production / Puzzle Booking

From : Roisey | France

Gill, aka Hyper Frequencies, began his musical career in the late 80s as a bassist in a hard rock band called Stalker. At the turn of the 90s, he discovered techno and started mixing at the end of 1994. His talent behind the decks caught the attention of Mick Chaos, the emblematic founder of the British label Chaos Unlimited, who released his first mixtape.
Since that promising start, Gill has added to his discography with several notable releases, including 3 solo albums and numerous tracks on compilations. His notable collaborations include artists such as Jaia, Neuromotor and Irina Mikhailova. He has also performed at a number of major international festivals, including Boom Festival, Universo Paralello, Ozora, Hadra and many others. Each time, his infectious energy and unique psytrance have set the dancefloor alight and captivated audiences.
The year 2024 marks an exciting new chapter for Gill, as he joins Puzzle Booking and his friends at World People Production…
Stay tuned!

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